How to Plan a Stress-Free Styled Shoot

taught by Latoya Dixon Smith
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Latoya Dixon Smith
Latoya Dixon Smith
Founder, The Queen Photographers

About the instructor

Latoya Dixon Smith is the Founder of The Queen Photographers and owner of Latoya Dixon Photography, a wedding photography business for couples craving intimate connection. She has helped hundreds of women of color photographers find community within The Queen Photographers across many states while also running her own photography business. Latoya's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, VICE, Black Southern Belle, as well as a host of others. She is committed to serving black women photographers and ensuring that every Queen gains the support she needs to start, grow, and build her business.

Planning a styled shoot should be seamless. In this Masterclass we will cover:

  • Styled Shoot Goals
    • Marketing
    • Networking
    • Content Creation
    • Publication
    • Inspiration
  • Developing a Concept
  • Building Your Vendor Team
  • Planning and Logistics, and
  • Publishing Considerations

BONUS CONTENT -  Perspectives from a videographer, hair and make up artist, bridal shop owner, florist, and wedding planner--all published nationally or internationally for their work.

Facebook Live Mini-Series - a 4-Part series from The Queen Photographers' Facebook page leading up to the Masterclass.

Course Contents

9 Videos
1 Text
1 Audio